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  • Introduction

    Soft Skill is the top premier skill development & training institution of India. Multidimensional skills and ideas are inserted in the pragmatic curriculum of Soft Skills. Ethically, being the number one and the first skills development company in Odisha, Corporate Soft Skills Private Limited conducts an extensive study, research & development in multidimensional skills training essentially required for success in any field.
  • Commitment

    The unchallenged innovation & discoveries of Soft Skills are possible by dint of our extensive study and research keeping unfathomable patience & hard work. Our creative team is always engaged in finding out all-time new methods and practices more & more effectiveness. We believe in continuous improvisation and update in all areas of our coverage all the times. We are ethical, dedicated and responsible to our jobs and clients
  • Ethics & Values

    Soft Skill believes in hard-work for the timely delivery of all services & supports to the clients. Maximum possible effectiveness and success for our clients & associates are the real motto in our sincere values and corporate morals. A long-term relationship with all the clients and associates of Soft Skill is emphasized on the top priority. Dedication, honesty, punctuality, clients' satisfaction and happiness are the prime motives in our core ethics.
  • Foundation & Base

    Soft Skill is capable of developing a Zero individual to a Hero one in no time with our multidimensional approach to the advanced training protocol. This approach is indeed possible by dint of our long study, research and findings from the grass-root level to the top in all perspectives leaving no factors neglected. Soft Skill develops and links all other skills and knowledge into an integrated and organized network that fills all missing gaps. Soft Skill fetches unturned success in all perspectives.
  • Effectiveness

    Human life cannot find more significant and more superior future possibilities without building Soft Skills. Soft Skill brings out all hidden potentialities from an individual. Soft Skill includes all those skills required for an individual to be an adaptable perfectionist in one’s social, professional & intellectual lives. Soft Skill leaves no stone unturned for the innovation of new & advanced methods of Smart Pragmatic Class where the old concept of slavery education is replaced by the intensely effective curriculum.
  • Coverage

    Soft Skill covers all the skills associated with Self-Development, Self-Grooming, Faculty Building, Communication Skills, Smart Brain, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Affirmative Believes, Etiquette, Attitude, Ego Handling Skills, Leadership, Stress Management, Cross-Cultural Adaptation, Confession, Morals, Honesty, Expressiveness, determination, Confidence, Decision Making, Intellectual Logic, Crisis Handling, Emotional Intelligence, Presence of Mind, Organization Skills , Team Spirit Skills and much more.


Soft Skill is appreciated as the number one institution in India. Soft Skill the worthy contributor to the socio-economic development of people from all segments, Soft Skill is nationally awarded as ‘Shiksha Bharati Award-2017’ by the ‘Global Indian Achievers Forum’ and ‘Economic Development Forum’ in New Delhi. Soft Skill is also awarded an international award as ‘Award for Education Excellence 2017’ in Dubai, UAE.
Our highly skilful and educated mentors with ever-developing research expertise trainers are always ready and dedicated to rendering their services in optimal quality of our prescribed Teaching Learning Protocol for excellent outputs. We have more than 16 years of experience in the study, research, training and workshop on Soft Skills, especially in Communication Skills and Motivational Counselling Skills. Soft Skill conducts UGC classes in various colleges. Soft Skill also organises Faculty Building Workshops, Summer Camps, Skills Camps, PPT, Career Counselling, and Psychological Counselling for psycho-emotional blockage removal sessions, Presentations, International Seminars and numerous activities. 



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