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All the essential skills that contribute to a successful professional, social, personal & intellectual performances of an individual, is known as Soft Skill. Soft Skill covers all the triggering factors of applied knowledge & awareness that enhance the success rate of an individual during action & application. In addition to that Soft Skill integrates multidimensional strength & support from all aspects & directions of specialised skills in communication, technical knowledge, psychological power & other encouraging X-factors for a superior performance delivery.
Soft Skill is a renowned Skill Building Institution often appreciated as the number one premiere institution in India with regard to their extensive research and successful development of skills among all individuals without discrimination irrespective of all challenges, weaknesses & excuses found in the present prevailing traditional educational systems & policies in India. Soft Skill is the worthy contributor to the socio-economic development of people from all segments; therefore, Soft Skill is nationally awarded as ‘Shiksha Bharati Award-2017′ by the ‘Global Indian Achievers Forum’ and ‘Economic Development Forum’ in New Delhi. Soft Skill also receives an international award of “Global Education Excellence 2017” in Dubai, UAE for their outstanding contributions & achievements in education & social services.

Passive knowledge discourages an individual to utilise it in various applications & situations. If one wants to hold his/ her strong & successful position in personal, social & professional life, SOFT SKILL is the end of all his searches. Possessing soft skills is a big success & so we are here to provide you the best & easiest way to cultivate soft skill in you.

  • At Soft Skill, we offer Excellent Communication Skills in a most unique & modern method. Communication is a great strength that gives you the ability to deal with every types of situation by our most impactful communication designing training.
  • At Soft Skill, we offer Performance Enhancement Programme (PEP) that enhances your performance 20 times more than now. We activate all the creative & secret factors in our learners for an enhanced performance. We boost the performance enhancing factors & proactive habits in our learners for a dynamic performance display.
  • At Soft Skill, we conduct Psychological Blockage Removal sessions because Psychological strength is the primary factor for the application of skills whereas knowledge & awareness are the secondary factors for the display of skills. Hence all Psychological Blockage are removed by our counselling.

Soft Skill is a powerful attribute that gives you the ability to perform in the best way & handle every situation effectively. Soft Skill is also known as people’s skills. This skill is the most urgent skills required to make every work successful & effective. A company seeks its employees to have soft skill so that they contribute towards the growth of the organisation.
Lacking soft skill is the main concern of today’s life. This is because people ignore the need of soft skill due to their least awareness regarding it. Soft Skill is the X-factor that gives you growth in your professional life, eases your social life by building a strong relationship with people, gives you all the ability & capability that smoothens your personal life. Today, soft skill is the most emerging hard skill which is the standard & qualification to get success in all fields. When one lacks soft skill, he/ she lacks excellent communication skills, active listening skill, performance enhancement skills, problem solving skills, motivation skills, decision making skills, team work & collaboration skills, psychological strengthening skills, & the list is big. Now, it is no wonder that without soft skill an individual is never become a worthy contributor to a company.

Soft Skill is India’s Premier skill building institution. Soft Skill is renowned for its unique R&D, modern & easy training methods. The strong & extensive research base of Soft Skill makes it unique & the most desired destination for success fetchers.
• Creativity
• Dynamism
• Automation
• Logical Intelligence
• Research & Innovation

a. R & D in linguistic
b. R & D in Communication Blockage Removal
c. R & D in English Fluency
d. R & D in Performance Enhancement
e. R & D in counselling

Our Managing Director, Mr S K Sahu keenly observes and studies that so many people usually face considerable challenges in lacking communication skills in English, they have a various psychological blockage and a poor performance delivery output in social, academic & professional fields. So, he feels the inevitable need of training, development & awareness in essential Soft Skills.
R&D Application
That is why we conduct series of study, research, development & pragmatic applications over 10,000 students for an unturned success in Multidimensional Skills with our innovative skills curriculum that covers almost every aspect of training & education in communication skills, performance enhancement & blockage removal which is always proven as a tool for an absolute talent manifestation for all.
After a long journey of Challenges, R&D and Applications, Soft Skill was founded & established by Mr S K Sahu in the year 2007 and incorporated as Corporate Soft Skills Private Limited in 2010 as a private limited company to provide training, workshop, seminar, education and further R&D in multidimensional skills development. The goodwill & reputation of Soft Skill is well-known internationally.

Soft Skill is established in 2007 and incorporated in 2010 as Corporate Soft Skills Private Limited with a vision & mission to develop robust, magnificent and skilful human resource of the highest leadership and contribution to our nation. Soft Skills is the pioneer & premier skill building institution in Odisha. The unchallenging innovation & discoveries of Soft Skills are possible by dint of our extensive study and research keeping unfathomable patience & hard work. Multidimensional skills and ideas are inserted in the pragmatic curriculum of English Communication Skills Courses offered by Soft Skills. Ethically, being the number one and the first skills development company in Odisha, Corporate Soft Skills Private Limited conducts an extensive study, research & development in multidimensional skills training which is highly essential for all individuals awaiting success in any field. Above all skills, our Communication Skills in English training program and motivational counselling fetch unturned success results for which Soft Skill gets spontaneous appreciations and recommendations by all the recognized institutions in India. Our multiple methods of easy and effective training protocol match the best suitable for any level of an individual from any background irrespective of their previous so achieved academic status. Soft Skill is capable of developing a Zero individual to a Hero one in no time with our multidimensional approach to the advanced training protocol. This approach is indeed possible by dint of our long study, research and findings from the grass root level to the top in all perspectives leaving no factors neglected. The real aim of training & education must be towards the development of Powerful and skilful human beings of highest leadership and contribution for making of a pathfinder for the upcoming generations. Education is incomplete without Soft Skills.

To develop robust, magnificent and skilful human resource of the highest leadership and contribution to our nation

The Ethics of Soft Skill are Wisdom, Quality, Purity, Honesty, Dedication, Cooperation, Ego Free Environment, Friendliness, Understanding, Acceptance, Determination, Discipline, Accomplishment, Result Orientation, Goodwill and Life Time Relationship with all.


Soft Skill offers the following courses.
 Spoken English Communication Skills
 Written English Communication Skills
 English Grammar & Language Skills
 Professional Communication Skills
 PPT Presentation Skills
 IELTS Preparation Course
 TOEFL Preparation Course
 Pre-Placement Training
 Teachers Faculty Building
 English Speaking Zone- Institution
 Research Journal Publication Skills
 Psychological Counselling
 Well Being & Healing Course
 Neuro-Linguistic Programming Skills
 Stress Management Course
 Performance Enhancement Skills
 Motivation & Enthusiasm Skills
 Corporate Training Programme
 Modern Parenting Course
 GRE Preparation Course
 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

There are two modes of opting Soft Skill’s courses.
Online Mode:
This mode of training is very popular & convenient for all. To learn online, one


Soft Skill offers the following services
 English Communication Skills Training Provider
 Corporate Training for Leadership
 Corporate Training for Sales
 Corporate Training for Performance Enhancement
 Corporate Training for Customer Care
 Corporate Training for Stress Management
 Corporate Training for Motivation
 Corporate Training for Time Management
 Corporate Training for Target Management
 Corporate Training for Team Spirit
 Corporate Training for Cross Cultural Adaptation Management
 Psychological Blockage Removal Counselling
 Subliminal Cognitive Healing
 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
 Performance Enhancement Programme
 Teachers Faculty Building
 Managers Faculty Building
 Doctors Faculty Building
 Professional Ethics and Personality Development
 Smart Brain and Intelligence Training
 Visualisation Autosuggestion and Guided Meditation
 English Speaking Zone Making for Institution
 Academic Excellence Project Making
 Journals and Research Papers Editing and Compiling
 Powerful CV Resume Making
 Counselling for Disputes Management
 Counselling for Broken Hearts
 Counselling for Failure in Studies
 Career Counselling
 Counselling for New Business Start-up
 Counselling for Relationship Breakup
 Counselling for Criminals to Become Gentleman
 Counselling for Addicted Person
 Counselling for Decision Making
 Counselling for Memory Intelligence Improvement
 Counselling for Introvert People
 Counselling for Overcoming Depression
 Emotional Intelligence Training
 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Training)
 Goal Setting and Indexing



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