Pre-Placement Training

Get a job easily by a 12 Hours training in Soft Skills CONTENT OF PRE-PLACEMENT TRAINING PROJECT

1 Self-Introduction & Formal Etiquettes- Develop self-presentation & manners skills-Training Curriculum: Learn- Self Introduction, Polite Manners, Request, Permission, Obligation, Suggestion, Confession, Polite Rejection in English
2 Telecalling & Conversation Skills-Develop Customer relationship skills-Training Curriculum: Learn- Telephonic Manners & Conversation sequence, Professional Talks and Formal Conversation by phone, Appointment by Phone.
3 Sales & Marketing Skills-Develop effective sales & marketing-
Training Curriculum: Learn- Product Selling Skills, Service Selling Skills, Publicity, Advertisement, Features & Need Motivation Skills.
4 Business Reporting Skills-Develop Business Reporting Skills-
Training Curriculum: Learn- Make Effective Business Reports, Event Reports, Emails, Letters, Applications for business, official and professional purpose.
5 Narration & Description Skills-Narrate Products & Services effectively-Training Curriculum: Learn- Describe Products & Services Effectively, Describe the Features & Qualities, Describe the Work and Profile Professionally.
6 Stress & Time Management Skills-Develop professional Skills -Training Curriculum: Learn- Managing work in stressful areas, Managing Physical & Mental Stress, Punctuality & Time Management
7 Professional Ethics & Beliefs Develop honesty and dedication-Training Curriculum: Learn- Honesty, Dedication, Morals, Unity, Team Spirit, Integrity, Leadership, Obedience, Belief & Confidence Management.
8 Psychological Counseling-Remove all psychological blockage -Training Curriculum: Learn- Remove all Psychological Blockage, Strengthen Positive Emotion, Thought Habit Management, Ego Handling Skills.
9 Personal Interview Skills-Appear Interviews confidently-
Training Curriculum: Learn- Interview Rules, Selection & Rejection Factors, Body Language, Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs, Mock interviews 
Total Hours of Trainings = 12 Hours  ||  24 Hours  ||  36 Hours  ||  48 Hours

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Please find herewith the Training details & Fees

Sl.Name of the Pre-Placement Training Programme (PPT)CodeDurationTraining FeeGrade
1PPT for D Grade Jobs ( Office boy, Smart Peon etc. ) PPTDGJ12 Hours6000D
2PPT for C Grade Jobs ( Office Asst., Marketing etc. ) PPTCGJ24 Hours10000C
3PPT for B Grade Jobs ( Managers, Administrators etc. )PPTBGJ36 Hours18000B
4PPT for A Grade Jobs ( Top Managers, Directors etc. )PPTAGJ48 Hours25000A

PPT training Fee per individual for a group of Min. 50 candidates organised by any institutions is negotiable at a higher discount.

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