Project Delivery Protocol, Negotiation & Tie-Up Procedure

A)Our representatives meet you at your office with a prior appointment.

B)We deliver you our project proposal & discuss the objectives, proposal & impact of our project.

C)We explain to you every detail of our project & answer to all your queries about our project.

D)We give you sufficient time for study & analysis of this project by you

E)We conduct project modification meeting if needed by you as per your requirement.

A)Your organization finalizes our proposal by your final authority.

B)Your organization sends us a finalization letter of approval of our project.

C)Your organization calls for a final meeting of further proceedings with our officials.

D)The final meeting of approval is conducted & authorization letter is issued.

E) Both the parties are agreed & ready for an agreement between the two organizations.

A)An agreement is drafted by Soft Skill & sent to you for your consent.

B)The agreement is discussed, cross-checked, read & understood by your organization.

C)The agreement may be suggested for necessary modification.

D)The agreement is finalized & approved by your authority for further proceedings.

E)Finally, the agreement is registered legally by the notary in judicial stamp papers.

A)Your organization creates notice & publicity material for this project in coordination with us.

B)Publicity literature is to be circulated among all the prospects & participants for their interest and name submission within a due time frame.

C)The participants are to be registered for shortlisting.

D)The participants are to be assembled and informed about the rules, conditions & policies of this project.

E)The participants’ list is to be finalized.

A)Your organization  collects or pays or keeps the full amount of project expenses in your budget.

B)Your organization keeps the full account record of all monetary transactions  in between us in a register properly.

C)Our organization keeps the full account record of all monetary transactions  in between us in a register properly for cross checks & verification.

D)Regular financial statements & reports are to be shared among us mutually.

A)Performance Enhancement Project Commencement date is to be finalized by your organization at your preferred campus.

B)A welcome ceremony is to be organized with all the participants on the first day in the presence of some important delegates of both the organizations.

C)An awareness speech with introductory session is conducted on the first day as a symbol of the commencement of this project.

D)Attendance is to be taken. 

A)We generate regular reports of our project proceedings & participants’ review from time to time.

B)We keep a full record of attendance, performance & all financial transactions for instant reporting as and when required.

C)We send you quarterly reports for your assessment & monitoring of this project.

D)We submit a final report after the completion of the project for your kind information, satisfaction & analysis.

A)Individual assessment data & gradation are scored for every participant.

B) Certificates are to be printed for distribution.

C)Name, gradation & score of every individual participant are written & mentioned in the certificates.

D) A certificate distribution date is to be finalized & notified among the participants

E)Distinguished delegates, guests & all the participants are to be invited to this ceremony & certificates are to be distributed.

A)A final report is to be submitted to your organization by Soft Skill.

B)This report carries the growth rate of individual & group performance after our project impact for analysis.

C)This report carries our feedback on every participant & the participants’ feedback on our project.

D)Finally, a closing approval certificate is issued & accounts are cleared by your organization & the project is said to be closed.

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