Written English Communication Skills

Soft Skill brings the following impact on Written English Skills Enhancing Course in its curriculum.

  • You can write Messages
  • You can write Expansions
  • You can write Summaries
  • You can write Various Events
  • Transferring Information through writing
  • Written Interpretation, Presentation & Transfer of Data & Information
  • You can write Essays on various topics
  • You can write Various Reports
  • You can write Official Instructions
  • You can write To-Do Lists
  • You can write Business Case Studies
  • You can write Press Releases
  • You can write Executive Summaries
  • Taking Minutes of a Discussions 
  • You can write CVs or Résumés
  • You can write Covering Letters
  • You can write Personal Statements
  • You can write Effective Profiles
  • You can write Various Letters
  • You can write Effective Emails
  • You can write Impressive Email Etiquette
  • You can write Emails that Convince, Influence and Persuade
  • Common Mistakes in writing
  • Grammar in Written English
  • Spelling & Punctuation in Written English
  • Business Writing Tips
  • When to Use Capital Letters
  • Using Plain English
  • Formal and Informal writing
  • The Importance of Structure
  • Note-Taking for Reading
  • Note-Taking for Verbal Exchanges
  • Written English Language Skills
  • You can write Stories
    Many people struggle with writing in English and it can seem like a real challenge to improve. Don’t worry, though. Here are some simple steps that you can take to improve your written English and impress people with your writing skills.
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  • Our highly skilful and educated mentors with ever-developing research expertise trainers are always ready and dedicated to rendering their services in optimal quality of our prescribed Teaching Learning Protocol for excellent outputs. We have more than 16 years of experience in the study, research, training and workshop on Soft Skills, especially in Communication Skills and Motivational Counselling Skills. Soft Skill conducts UGC classes in various colleges. Soft Skill also organises Faculty Building Workshops, Summer Camps

Expand your vocabulary

To express yourself clearly, you need a good active vocabulary. That’s not just being able to recognise lots of words – it means actually being able to use them correctly. Do this by learning new words with example sentences, not just word lists.
Tip: When you learn a new word, try to learn all the forms of that word and the prepositions that are usually used with it. (For example, rather than just the word ‘depend’, make a note of to depend on, to be dependent on, a dependant.)

Master English spelling

You must know how to spell those words correctly. Incorrect spelling changes the meaning of your sentence. For example: ‘bare’ and ‘bear’ sound the same but ‘bare’ means naked and ‘bear’ is a large animal. Additionally, incorrect spelling makes it difficult for the reader to understand what you’ve written.
Tip: Practice your spelling using flash cards and test yourself whenever you have some spare time.

Read regularly

People often say that we learn to write best by reading. Reading in English is useful in many ways. It is a great way to get an idea of the different styles of writing and see how to use words appropriately.
Tip: Choose books or articles with topics that interest you. Learning shouldn’t be boring. Read each text several times to make sure you understand how to use new words and expressions in the text.

Improve your grammar

Grammar is very important because it improves the quality of your writing. Always use the appropriate tense and remember to use punctuation. Punctuation is a great way to make your writing clear and fluent.
Tip: Always proof-read your writing twice. The first time, look for general mistakes and the second time look for mistakes with the particular grammar point you are studying at the moment.

Just do it!

Writing can be daunting. However, the best way to improve is to get a pen and paper or sit in front of your computer and actually write. Be prepared to write several versions of each text because even for professional writers, the first draft is never perfect. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Soft Skill offers the following Written English Skills Enhancing topics in its curriculum.
  • Written English Communication Skills
  • Writing Messages
  • Writing Expansions
  • Writing Summary
  • Writing Various Events
  • Transferring Information through Writing
  • Written Interpretation, Presentation & Transfer of Data & Information
  • Writing Essay on various topics
  • Writing Various Reports
  • Writing Official Instructions
  • Writing To-Do List
  • Writing Business Case Studied
  • Writing Press Release
  • Writing Executive Summary
  • Taking Minutes of a Discssion 
  • Writing a CV or Résumé
  • Writing a Covering Letter
  • Writing a Personal Statement
  • Writing an Effective Profile
  • Writing Various Letters
  • Writing Effective Emails
  • Writing Impressive Email Etiquette
  • Write Emails that Convince, Influence and Persuade
  • Common Mistakes in Writing
  • Grammar in Written English
  • Spelling & Punctuation
  • Business Writing Tips
  • When to Use Capital Letters
  • Using Plain English
  • Formal and Informal Writing
  • The Importance of Structure
  • Note-Taking for Reading
  • Note-Taking for Verbal Exchanges
  • Writing a Dissertation or Thesis
  • How to Write a Research Proposal
  • Ethical Issues in Research
  • Dissertation: The Introduction
  • Researching and Writing a Literature Review
  • Writing your Methodology
  • Dissertation: Writing Results and Discussion
  • Dissertation: Writing Conclusions and Extras
  • Research Methods
  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Designing Research
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods
  • Qualitative Research Designs
  • Interviews for Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Qualitative Data from Interactions
  • Quantitative Research Designs
  • Sampling and Sample Design
  • Surveys and Survey Design
  • Observational Research and Secondary Data
  • Analysing Research Data
  • Analysing Qualitative Data
  • Simple Statistical Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis: Identifying Patterns
  • Multivariate Analysis

Soft Skill offers the following courses for Written English Enhancement.

Sl.Name of the CourseLevelDurationFull FeeDiscount NowFee after Discount
1-Expert LevelWritten English Dual ExpertA10 Months26000400022000
  B6 Months17000200015000
  C3 Months17000200015000
2-Intermediate LevelWritten English IntermediateA4 Months13000200011000
  B3 Months1100015009500
  C2 Months900010008000
3-Primary LevelWritten English PrimaryA2 Months900010008000
  B1 Month70005006500
  C1/2 Month60005005500
4-Customised LevelWritten English CustomisedA3 Months900009000
  B2 Months700007000
  C1 Month600006000
5-Online LevelWritten English OnlineA6 Months30000030000
  B4 Months20000020000
  C2 Months10000010000
  D1 Month500005000
6-Trial ClassAny CourseA3 Classes150001500
  B2 Classes100001000
  C1 Class5000500
Sl.Name of the CourseLevelCoverage
1-Expert LevelWritten English Dual ExpertAECS-1 to ECS-62
  BECS-1 to ECS-42
  CECS-1 to ECS-42
2-Intermediate LevelWritten English IntermediateAECS-1 to ECS-20
  BECS-1 to ECS-15
  CECS-1 to ECS-10
3-Primary LevelWritten English PrimaryAECS-1 to  ECS-9
  BECS-1 to ECS-5
  CECS-1 to ECS-4
4-Customised LevelWritten English CustomizedAGD-PI-Presentation
  CPI (Personal Interview)
5-Online LevelWritten English OnlineAECS-1 to ECS-34
  BECS-1 to ECS-18
  CECS-1 to ECS-10
  DECS-1 to ECS-6
6-Trial ClassAny CourseAECS-1 to ECS-3
  BECS-1 to ECS-2

The following topics have the proven impact as mentioned in this tabulatuion.

CodeTopic CoverageImpact
ECS-1Daily Events Description SkillsEnables you to describe daily event reporting
ECS-2Present Events Description SkillsOne can describe any kind of habitual events reporting
ECS-3Future Events Description Skills One is able to describe all future events, dreams & fantasies 
ECS-4Past Events Description SkillsOne is able to describe all kinds of past events & reporting
ECS-5Multidimensional Aspects of Description SkillsDevelops the awareness of Multi-angular description skills
ECS-6All-Round Description Skills Describes 90% topics effortlessly
ECS-7Multi-Angular Present State/ Now State Description Skills One can describe all types of present topics
ECS-8Multi-Angular Past State/ Previous State Description Skills One learns to describe all types of past topics 
ECS-9Multi-Angular Future State/ Later State Description Skills Enables you todescribe all types of future topics
ECS-10Multi-Angualr Process Description SkillsGives you ability to describe all kinds of process  
ECS-11Phonetics, Ponunciation & Words MispronouncedRectify all pronunciation errors & learns IPA & Accent
ECS-12Verb, Forms & TypesDevelops Language Skills on Verbs
ECS-13Grammatical Agreement: NP-V, V-V & SequenceRectify grammatical errors in your speech & sentences
ECS-14Basic Sentence Making Skills: 12 Basic StructuresMake unlimited sentences from 12 basic aspects
ECS-15Fluency Drills: 108 FormsLearn unlimited affirmatiom, negation & interrogation
ECS-16The Concept of ModalDevelop the basic language skills on the grammar of modals
ECS-17Polite Expression-1: Request, Acceptance & RejectionLearn to request, accept & reject someone politely 
ECS-18Polite Expression-2: Permission, Acceptance & RejectionLearn to seek permission, accept & reject someone politely 
ECS-19Ability Epression: Talent, Skills & AchievementsExpress various kinds of abilities & skills presentaion
ECS-20Possibility Expression: Minimum, Confusing & MaximumExpress various possibilities in communication
ECS-21Suggestion Expression: Idea, Opinion & ProposalSuggest somebody in various dimensions
ECS-22Advice Expression: Instruction, Direction & CompulsionAdvice somebody in various mode 
ECS-23Willingness Expression: Personal, Social & ImaginaryExpress all types of willigness in the best communicative way
ECS-24Necessity Expression: Personal, Official & UrgentExpress various necessities inpersonal & professional life
ECS-25Courage Expression: Bravery, Morals & WeaknessExhibit courage, bravery, morals & weakness expression
ECS-26Certainty Expression: Promise, Threat, Confidence, Decision Express promise, threat, determination & decision confidently
ECS-27Past Habit Expression: Past FrequencyDescribe past habitual events properly in past reporting
ECS-28Prohibition Expression: Restriction, Ban & BarExpress disagreement, pohibition & restriction
ECS-29Modal-wise Compact Presentation Recapitulate the overall usage of modals & expression 
ECS-30The Concept of Tense, Time & AspectsDevelop proper language skills on Tense, Time & Aspect
ECS-31The Usage of Past Time & AspectsLearn language skills on Past Time, Aspects & Usage
ECS-32The Usage of Present Time & AspectsLearn language skills on Present Time, Aspects & Usage
ECS-33The Usage of Future Time & AspectsLearn language skills on Future Time, Aspects & Usage
ECS-34Aspect-wise Compact Presentation & CollborationsRecapitulate the overall usage of Time, Aspects & Usage 
ECS-35The Quality Factors & Parameters in Communication SkillsDevelop awareness on quality control parameters in CS
ECS-36Manners, Etiquette & Formal Expression SkillsLearn various manners, ettiquette & formal expression 
ECS-37Situational Conversation SkillsConverse people with various professions & situations
ECS-38Dynamic Conversation SkillsConverse people with dynamic topics randomly
ECS-39Telephonic Conversation SkillsLearn telecalling, social & professional tele-conversation 
ECS-40Group Discussion Skills (GD)Discuss any topic with multi factoral points in a GD
ECS-41Presentation & Seminar Skills (PPT)Present professional talks & seminars with PPT slides
ECS-42Personal Interview Skills (PI)Appear interview with intention matching answers 
ECS-43Extempore Speech & Debate SkillsDevelop speech & debate spontaneously without preparation
ECS-44Live Commentry & Stage Handling SkillsDevelop language skills & practice for live commentry 
ECS-45Presiding over a Meeting SkillsConduct meetings with official communication skills
ECS-46Talk & Lecture Delivery SkillsDeliver the Teaching-Learning Sequence effectively
ECS-47Concept of Clauses & Sentense TypesLearn the modern concept of clause & sentense types
ECS-48Simple Sentences, Types & UsageDevelop awareness of Simple Sentences & Types
ECS-49Concept of Conjunctions, Types & UsageDevelop awareness of Conjunction & Types
ECS-50Compound Sentenses, Types & UsageDevelop awareness of Compound Sentences & Types
ECS-51Complex Sentences, Types & UsageDevelop awareness of Complex Sentences & Types
ECS-52Passive Sentences, Types & UsageDevelop awareness of Passive Sentences & Types
ECS-53Causative Sentences, Types & UsageDevelop awareness of Causative Sentences & Types
ECS-54Direct Indirect Narration Change & UsageDevelop awareness of Narration Change Skills
ECS-55Data Analysis & Interpretation SkillsLearn Data Transfer & Interpretation Skills
ECS-56Listening SkillsImprove Listening Skills & Comprehension
ECS-57Speaking SkillsImprove Speaking Skills with Fluency, Accent & Pronunciation
ECS-58Writing SkillsDevelop Excellent Writing Skills in Data Transcription
ECS-59Reading SkillsLearn Reading Skills, Comprehension, Skimming & Scanning 
ECS-60Essay Writing SkillsWrite essay in an impressine sequence format
ECS-61Research & Journal Papers Writing SkillsLearn International Research & Journal Paper Writing Skills
ECS-62Professional & Business Communication SkillsDevelop Official & Professional Communication Skills

Every class of Soft Skills passes through the following TLS ( Teaching  Learning Sequence ) which is very technical and scientific. Soft Skill goes through a very interesting & penetrating method of induction. We follow an advanced way and sequence to optimize the entire circuit of perfect learning output. Our TLS sequence passes through the following nine steps for every topic & chapters of curriculum during each topic of the training.

 1. Environment Creation

a)      Interest & Importance Creation

b)      Induction of Awareness

2. Fundamental Background Linkage

a)      Explanation of Fundamental Associated Concepts

b)      Link Background Assembly

3. Concept

a)      Explain & Define the Core Concept ( What )

b)      Explain the Logical Arguments ( Why )

c)      Explain the Usage & Sequence ( How )

d)      Compact Presentation & Recapitulation of Important Ideas

4. Demonstration

a)      Deliver a Demo

b)      Link up your Demo with the Usage Explanation

5. Initial Practice Induction

a)      Induce a Topic among the Learners

b)      Encouragement & Motivation Environment

c)      Monitor Individual Performance & Awareness

6. Reviews & Rectification

a)      Individual Reviews & Feedback

b)      Rectification & Modification Suggestion

c)      Motivation & Inspiration

7. Class Work & Drills

a)      Give Class Work & Self Study

b)      Make Sufficient Drills

8. Final Practice Induction

a)      Induce a Topic Based Application Practice

b)      Videography of the Final Individual Performance

c)      Monitor Individual Performance & Change  Adaptation

d)      Put your Feedback & further Suggestion

9. Quiz & Test

a)      Make a Comprehension Quiz

b)      Share the Answers

c)      Suggest Self Study & Practice

Curriculum Design

Active Listening Skills:

(Develop active listening skills to be quick and smart learner with better memory & intelligence)

The students are trained to be active listeners for a focused and effective learning experience during the TLP to maximize the Memory-Intelligence-Performance output.

Unlimited Sentence Generation Skills:

(Speak & write unlimited types of sentences knowing the meaning and psychology)

These innovative techniques enable our students write and speak all kinds of sentences with psychological interpretation skills and understanding. Hence, our student becomes an excellent sentence making factory in English to express all thoughts and ideas.

Spontaneous Description Skills:

(Narrate any topic in English spontaneously and effortlessly in a better sequence)

This innovative technique promotes the students describe anything effortlessly in a track without botheration and blockage of Translation, Copy, Conversion & by heart with ever growing fluency. Hence, our trainee becomes an excellent narrator of any topic in English.

Dynamic Conversation Skills:

(Converse dynamically at any place in any situations effortlessly with any individual)

To boost dynamic and situational conversations among the students, we make versatile conversation drills practice by the candidates on diversified circumstances in social and professional relationships.

Psycholinguistic Skills:

(Develop psychological interpretation skills for better comprehension and communication)

The psychological interpretation values of every words and sentences in all expressions in international communication standards are trained and practised for a better cross cultural communication among the students.

Language Skills:

(Develop all necessary grammatical awareness for strong knowledge base and confidence)

Our students are trained on all grammatical aspects of all words, phrases and sentence types to draw confidence on English language. We also train our students on Accent &  IPA ( Phonetics ) keeping the international standards intact.

Knowledge Application Skills:

(Apply knowledge into various practice modules for optimal applications)

We do sufficient drills and practices among the students on all perspective and aspects of communication skills associated with Written English Communication to Spoken English Communication, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications.

Motivation & Counselling Skills:

(Remove all Psychological, emotional and mental blockage by Counselling and motivation)

We encourage and motivate every student for their best performance and confidence. We enhance the IQ, EQ and Emotional Intelligence among the students. We do group Counselling for affirmative belief management among the students for a better display of their performance with supportive psychological aspects of logical understanding and confidence building. We also offer one to one private Counselling for the students with major psychological blockage and disorders.

Advanced Monitoring & Evaluation Protocol:

(Individual and group monitoring protocol for zero error assessment and evaluation)

We conduct everyday  test of comprehension, regular Videography of individual and group performance monitoring, Regular Verbal and Non-Verbal Tests, Psychological Tests, IQ & EQ level tests for superior monitoring and assessment of every individual report.

 Our instructor goes through the following process & instructions in our TLP:

a)      Environment Creation for interest & importance of the topic

b)      Fundamental Knowledge Delivery for the easiness of the topic

c)      Explanation of What-Why-How Concept of the Topic

d)      Practice, Application, Quiz & Drills

e)      Comprehension Test for Reception Monitoring

f)       Revision & Doubt Clearance Sweep

g)      Instant Re-correction of class-work & homework

h)      Videography & Improvement Monitoring

 Our learners follow the following process & instructions sincerely:

a)      Our learners must be punctual and sincere all the times during the sessions.

b)      Our learners must be an active listener during the class sessions.

c)      Our learners must maintain absolute discipline in our smart class.

d)      Our learners must do 5 sets of homework from each topic or chapter.

e)      Our learners must get the homework / class work checked immediately.

f)       Our learners must read aloud the checked homework once a day for 10 days.

g)      Our learners must inform Soft Skill before being absent from any class with cause.

h)      Our learners must always abide by the rules & regulations of Soft Skills.

1. Feedback & Success Story

Neelam Vishwakarma (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Obvious the Best spoken English institute in India. The most wonderful institution where its teaching methods , techniques defines its incredible and incomparable quality. I am really very much helpful from the knowledge I gained from Soft Skill. Soft Skill provides the best learning environment through which we are able to learn anything without memorizing.

 2. Feedback & Success Story

Bidyadhar Behera (Rated 5 Stars *****) 


The best methods to improve language skills in English. They provide very innovative note materials to the students. I developed quickly after joining Soft Skill. I suggest all to join Soft Skill for the best training and learning experience.

 3. Feedback & Success Story

Jyoti Lakra (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the most interesting English language institute in India. Their classes and material are mind blowing and brain storming. I feel proud to be a student of this institution and I do recommend all must join Soft Skill for their definite improvement.

 4. Feedback & Success Story

Divyani Tudu (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Softskill is a great institute for all round personality development. It helped me gain self confidence and faith in myself. And this has a very positive effect on my life! Thank You Soft skill for improving my life!

 5. Feedback & Success Story

Jitu Yadav (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

**Technical skills may get u the job but soft skills can make you or break u as a powerful leader****##thnku so much soft skill.

 6. Feedback & Success Story

Tofan Chandra Behera (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the best English Language institution in India. I feel great studying here and improved my English and personality to an excellent level. Everyone! Must join Soft skill soon.

 7. Feedback & Success Story

Neha Vishwakarma (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill institution creates the best platform to improve one’s personality, communication skills and all essential skills. Its unique teaching learning process, innovative methods and powerful motivation fetch unturned success, hence it is the most preferred destination for all job and skill seekers.

 8. Feedback & Success Story

Vikash Singh (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the BEST ENGLISH INSTITUTION in INDIA, the teachers are highly trained and provide the right kind of teaching. It’s a very unique institution where not only academic but also the overall personality is grown. I am very privileged and proud to be a part of life changing Institution.

 9. Feedback & Success Story

Nikhil Meher (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

This is the most wonderful institution in India 😍😘❤️💓💕 I’m proud of being a student of this institution.

They provide excellent skill development training in India. Recently Soft Skill is awarded SIKSHA BHARATI AWARD 2017 in New Delhi. I appeal everybody to join soft skill.

 10. Feedback & Success Story

Prativa Padhi (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Here classes are very much exciting. It’s helps greatly increase our English knowledge in its easier techniques. I feel proud to be a student of this institute.

 11. Feedback & Success Story

Sapneswar Sahoo (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft skill is the institute which one famous for brain storming, personal skills development, communication skills development & also a mostly awarded in National level…. Also I have seen the quality of education in my family members…….

 12. Feedback & Success Story

Avinandan Khuntia (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

I would say It’s really a wonderful institution in India. It helps everyone to reach such a position of being capable of everything in all fields. I could develop my personality through it. I am felling so much proud for being a student of this Institution.

 13. Feedback & Success Story

Nasreen Begum (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

In today’s competitive world it is very much essential to have a good personality n have a good command and fluency in English language. Soft skill is not only help to build a strong foundation for English language but also help us to build up a strong personality and face the world……

 14. Feedback & Success Story

Laxmi Majhi (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

This is an best institution for improving communication skills. I study in soft skill. I developed huge confidence after learning here. Dear all must join soft skill.

 15. Feedback & Success Story

Payal Gupta (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft skill is the best institute for the students who want to develop their spoken English. Teaching style is also unique and gives motivation and encouragement to each students very well.🙂

 16. Feedback & Success Story

Kamalini Bhanja (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft kills is a best institute to develop your language skill. I improved my language skill soon because Swakant sir taught English very simple methods. I feel proud to being a student of Soft Skills.

 17. Feedback & Success Story

Sibaprasad Swain (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is a Good institute. Swakant Sir is so friendly with us. We can share any type of problem with him. He is a Great advisor. He is an Expert teacher and also a good friend.

 18. Feedback & Success Story

Abhinaba Mishra (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft skill is one of the best institutions of India. The teaching style of swakant sir is incredible. The classes are not only English knowledge gaining but also motivational, life knowing ,energy enhancing and encephalon which rejuvenates the depth of knowledge of English grammar as well as literature and communication skill given by swakant sir is the best. Anyone can get best knowledge from soft skill.

 19. Feedback & Success Story

Aparna Panda (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

I feel myself very much lucky, being a part of soft skills . I learned many new things there , like :_

Presentation skills, how to interact with people, what should be our body language , posture and the way of answering questions in a viva, time management, to aim high, how to change or adapt a habit & English speaking and many more. Thanks a lot for all these sir.

 20. Feedback & Success Story

Bhaktaram Dora (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is The BEST & MOTIVATIONAL INSTITUTE of the WORLD where we get the highest level of education and personality development training. I am feeling very proud to be a part of this institute.

 21. Feedback & Success Story

Santosh Patnaik (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is a best institute. I got so many ideas from Soft Skill to make myself in a proper way.

 22. Feedback & Success Story

Niraj Singh (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is The BEST & MOTIVATIONAL INSTITUTE of the WORLD where we get the highest level of education and personality development training. I feel very proud to be a part of this institute.

 23. Feedback & Success Story

Ureka Sahoo (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Really it is the best institute in India for development of communication skill…. M so glad to be a student of this institute…..

 24. Feedback & Success Story

Bibhu Prasad Sahoo (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the best way to learn communication skills and enhance your performance in all areas.

 25. Feedback & Success Story

Amit Kumar Jena (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

At Soft skill the best teaching skill is provided by our Swakant Sir.

26. Feedback & Success Story

Dr. Mamata Soren (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skills is the best Spoken English & communication skills development institution

27. Feedback & Success Story

Tapaswini Mahapatra (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the best spoken English institution.

28. Feedback & Success Story

Mohammed Fahim (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

beyond expectations learning experience

29. Feedback & Success Story

Sucharita Mohapatra (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the Best institution. My life changed into a skilled personality after joining Soft Skill.